Butters would not have made it on his own, but because of a kind, caring community member like you, a trusted BC SPCA Animal Protection Officer was alerted to this kitten alone on Vancouver’s downtown eastside.

Worried about the malnourished state of this tiny baby, the officer rushed little Butters to a veterinary hospital, where he received the urgent care he desperately needed.

Without this officer on the street, day in and day out, meeting members of the community, we would never have heard about a kitten in need.
Without immediate veterinary care, Butters never would have survived.
Without ongoing treatment, round the clock bottle feeding and a warm place to stay, Butters would never have grown into the amazing cat he is today.
Without compassionate animal lovers like you, Butters would not be here today.

Butters’ beginning was so sad, but his life today is happy and joyous.

By fundraising through the BC SPCA’s Treat Week, YOU can spread this joy to other animals. You can give them the happy ending they all deserve.

Will you join the community of B.C. animal lovers to ensure thousands of stray, neglected, abandoned and abused animals like Butters get the help they need?

Yes, I will!

Start your Treat Week fundraising today – together we can inspire others to save lives and treat animals to a sweeter life!