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About Treat Week

Treat Week is on hold for 2021! Stay tuned for more information as we look to how we can make the biggest impact for the animals in 2022 and beyond.

Treat Week is a fundraiser for the BC SPCA, raising essential funds to support the lifesaving services of our branches. Supporters register to raise funds and give treats to their donors as a sweet thank you. Donations can be collected in person or online and registration is free!

This event can be as creative as you want it to be! Organize a baked good stand with homemade or store-bought treats or host a mimosa brunch, pizza day, cookie decorating party, movie night with candy and popcorn, cooking competition, dinner party, donuts and coffee casual Friday, or an ice cream social. Raising funds from friends and family who live far away – no problem, send a virtual thank you and encourage them to treat themselves to a little something special. For donating to help animals in need, they deserve it!

Treat Week parties are run by community animal-lovers like you and are held at workplaces, homes, businesses, schools, and community centers across the province! For Treat Week you host your own event in support of animals, register online and when you kick off your fundraising efforts with a self-donation of $25 or more, we’ll send you a digital host kit.  All you need to do is plan your Treat Week, encourage everyone you know to donate in support of animals, and decide how you’ll make your thank you extra sweet!

Stay tuned for more info on 2021 prizing!  If you have any questions about your fundraising total, please contact treatweek@spca.bc.ca or call 1-844-599-2253

Feel free to contact us here at the BC SPCA at treatweek@spca.bc.ca or call 1.844.599.2253. We are here for you by phone Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm PST.


Where there’s a whisk there’s a way

1  Make a plan and mark your calendar

Treat Week is the week ending in Halloween, but fundraising starts anytime in September. Decide what treats (delivered, virtual, or at your Treat Week™ party) you will offer in return for donations.

2  Register online and set your goal

Registration is free and easy! During the registration process you will be asked to set a fundraising goal (you can reset it at any time). Set an ambitious goal to show your friends and family that you are serious about saving animal lives. Set a great example for others by making the first donation to your campaign! Then consider how many people you plan to ask (or invite to your Treat week party) and divide from your goal to get a suggested donation amount . Last year the average amount raised by each host was almost $300! This year let’s make it even higher!

3  Customize your Personal Fundraising page

Use your page to share a personal story of an animal who has touched your life and explain why you have chosen to fundraise for the BC SPCA. Upload photos of some of your favourite animals, after all, who can say no to a furry face? Be sure to include the details of how you plan to fundraise and what treats you will be sharing.

4  Tell everyone you’re fundraising and why

Don’t be afraid to ask. Giving makes people feel great and your supporters will get the added bonus of a delicious treat. Think of all the people who you can promote your Treat Week to – including people who may not live near you (you can send them a virtual thank you by email!).

Even if you are hosting a Treat Week party, start your donation asks early and encourage others to donate online in advance so you can relax and enjoy your Treat Week party! Create a feeling of anticipation for your party guests. Send photos of your test batches and update your status when you find the perfect sprinkles. Be creative and have fun with how you stay connected!

From your Personal Fundraising Centre you can send emails to friends and co-workers letting them know what you have planned and asking them to visit your page and donate.

It’s a great idea to ask supporters to donate in advance of the event. That way you can relax and enjoy your Treat Week™ party (it also cuts down on administrative costs, ensuring your donation dollars go further for the animals!).

5  Don’t be afraid to keep asking

We all need a reminder now and then. Don’t be afraid to keep reminding others about your Treat Week fundraising goal, many procrastinate and give at the last minute or as you near your goal.

Prepare and share your treats

If you’re a “homemade treats” kind of person, please consider using higher welfare products including organic dairy and eggs (or better yet, eggs from an SPCA Certified farm!). There’s also lots of delicious vegan treats to share! Enjoy giving out the special treats that your supporters have earned by showing their commitment to helping animals.

Holding a Treat week party? To make your party extra special, decorate your venue with Treat Week posters available in your Treat Week Host Welcome Package, or download them here. You can also contact us at treatweek@spca.bc.ca to receive additional posters or advice.

7  Share your success with everyone and express your thanks (yes, again!)

Show off your Treat Week treats, fundraising success, and party pics! Inspire others by tagging @bcspca in your stories or posts to inspire others. Don’t forget to use #treatweekbc or send photos to treatweek@spca.bc.ca if you’d like to be featured!

Don’t forget to send a special thank you to all your donors with your fundraising total. Your Personal Fundraising Centre features a list of everyone who donated online and a tool for sending thank you emails.

No! A treat can be anything you enjoy –  a savoury or sweet snack, a drink, even a spa treatment or other indulgence. Treat Week treats can be homemade or store bought, this event is as unique as you are.  Whether you host a Treat Week party at work or home or collect funds online and send virtual treats as a thank you, you have all the flexibility you need to make it a stellar celebration for the animals.

It’s a good idea to start by setting an ambitious fundraising goal, and you’ll be amazed how your goal inspires generosity in others. Divide your goal by how many treats you are expecting to give away, then ask for that suggested amount.

For Example
Goal = $200 / 40 treats = $5 per donation

During the registration process, you will be asked to enter your fundraising goal and you can change it at any time in your Personal Fundraising Centre. Show your friends and family that you are committed to the cause by making the first donation to your Treat Week campaign!

As a reference guide, here’s how much it costs for one of the 48,000+ animals the BC SPCA supports each year:

Funds the care of an animal
in shelter for one week

Funds the animal from intake to adoption
for the average length of stay

Funds a longer-care animal in the shelter for 100+ days until they find their purrfect home

No need to “sugar-coat” it, everyone loves a treat especially during break time or meetings! Treat Week can be held all week or on a single day as part of your casual Friday or weekly meeting. If your team isn’t big enough try including other offices in your building or clients and customers to increase the number of people you can approach to collect funds. Another way to make a huge difference is to ask your company if they will match funds raised by their staff through your participation in this event.

Tips to a successful Treat Week Party at work:

  • Decorate your corridors with posters supplied in your Digital Host Kit when you donate $25 to your fundraising page
  • Host a raffle or auction with prizes donated by your company.
  • Have an old fashioned bake-off based on taste, creativity, and skill.
  • Challenge another department or floor to see who can raise the most donations for the animals. The winner gets bragging rights!
  • Offer clients and customers treats if they would like to help the animals!


Yes, the more the merrier! When you register as a team, you will create both a Treat Week Team Fundraising Page, as well as an Individual Fundraising Page. You can use the Team Page to track team fundraising and to ask others to join you. If you’ve already registered as an individual and would now like to start a team email us at treatweek@spca.bc.ca and we’ll help you out!

Changes on your “Amount Raised Online” total and team total should be updated within 24 hours.

In 2020 top Treat Week workplace teams were entered in a draw to win visit from adorable BC SPCA pups!
We chose and contacted our lucky winner, unfortunately the COVID 19 pandemic has delayed their puppy party. We hope to hold it soon when social distancing restrictions allow and to be able to bring back the Puppy Party contest in our fall 2021 event. For more information on how the Puppy Party contest worked, see below.

To get your workplace involved follow these simple steps:

  • Register your team at treatweek.ca. Put your company name in the Team Name so we know you’re a workplace team and should be included in the draw!
  • Fundraise online, in the office, anywhere! And submit $500 or more in donations by March 15, 2020.
  • That’s it! We’ll be picking one lucky workplace for a very special visit!

To qualify, a workplace team must raise a minimum of $500 submitted to the BC SPCA provincial office or online at treatweek.ca to your team’s page or at your local BC SPCA branch by March 15, 2020. Due to travel considerations, eligible teams must be located within British Columbia and have a BC SPCA branch located in their community. Winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying workplace teams. To ensure your workplace team is included in the draw, please choose a Team Name that includes your business’ name when registering, or email treatweek@spca.bc.ca to let us know your team is related to a business or workplace. Puppy parties will only be held at workplaces deemed suitable for animals and not at private residences. Puppy party will be scheduled between April and December 2020 at a mutually convenient time based upon a combination of winner’s preferences and availability of BC SPCA staff and animals. Age and number of dogs may vary based on availability of animals with appropriate temperament. Dogs may not be available for adoption at the time of the party and attendance at the party does not imply any advantage or preference in the adoption process for those animals available. BC SPCA staff will contact the winning workplace by April 15, 2020 to discuss timing, available space, preferences and restrictions of the workplace and other details. BC SPCA staff may need to visit facility prior to bringing animals on site. If for any reason the selected workplace is deemed unsuitable for animals being on site, the BC SPCA reserves the right to move the location of the puppy party to a BC SPCA facility. For the well being of the animals involved, large groups will need to work with BC SPCA staff to develop a plan to ensure appropriate number of employees around the animals at all times. The puppy party is intended as a prize to the employees of the winning workplace only, and is not intended to include the general public or to be advertised to customers. The BC SPCA reserves the right to remove any or all animal in its care from the premises at any point for any reason related to the welfare of the animals involved.

Registration and Fundraising Centre

When you register for Treat Week, you will have the opportunity to choose any one of our BC SPCA branches. Your money will go directly towards rescue efforts for animals in dire need including homeless, abandoned, abused or neglected animals in your community.

To be emailed our digital host kit, recipe book, printable poster and more, simply make a self-donation of $25 or more when registration opens in September. If you are choosing to hold your event in early 2021 and require materials, please reach out to us at treatweek@spca.bc.ca and we’ll see what we can do!

To be sent printed posters or coinboxes for your Treat Week event, email treatweek@spca.bc.ca with your name, mailing address and requested items.

Your Personal Fundraising Centre is your fundraising online headquarters and contains all the tools you need to connect with potential Treat Week party guests and donors. Here you can check the donations you’ve received, track your progress, and email your friends and family. Personalize your page with stories, pictures, and videos to let your friends know why it means so much for them to give generously to the animals.

The secret ingredient to your success as part of Treat Week is asking your hungry party guests to make a donation. This will give you a better idea of exactly how many treats to bring and you won’t need to worry about collecting donations at your party! Your Personal Fundraising Page is totally safe, secure and it’s the most convenient for everyone!

Yes, we welcome animal lovers of all ages to participate in Treat Week!

It can take up to 24 hours to receive a confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours, remember to check your ‘junk’ folder just in case and then contact us at treatweek@spca.bc.ca (or phone us at 1.844.599.2253). We will be happy to check the status for you.

Submitting Donations

To submit an offline donation you can download a Offline Donation Form in order to collect offline donations. It is highly recommended that donations be made online for a donation to appear on a participant’s fundraising page and for donors to receive a tax receipt automatically.

All the details on submitting your funds can be found on the Submitting Funds page.

By submitting your funds as soon as possible, your dollars can go to work immediately to help animals in your community! Your personal page will remain up and running and able to accept donations in the months following your event.

It can take up to 24 hours to receive a confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours, remember to check your ‘junk’ folder just in case and then contact us at treatweek@spca.bc.ca (or phone us at 1.844.599.2253). We will be happy to check the status for you.

All donations of $10 or more are eligible to receive a tax receipt. If they make a donation online they will automatically receive an electronic tax receipt by email.

For donations made offline, you will need to submit an Offline Donation Form. Tax receipts will be emailed or mailed directly to donors, depending on the information provided. Please be sure to provide all contact details when submitting your donation as this is required by the Canada Revenue Agency before we can issue a receipt. Processing times for offline donations will vary, but if you’d like to follow up send an email to treatweek@spca.bc.ca

No, based on Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, we are only able to issue tax receipts to donors. Your supporters will receive a tax receipt for their donations (of $10 or more), and you will receive a tax receipt for your personal donations.

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