Welcome to My Treat Week Fundraiser!

Held by Kristina Matisic
$810 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Michelle Goldberg
  2. Jasenka Matisic
  3. James Kozier
  4. Kristina Matisic
  5. Charmaine Silva
  6. Annette Goliath
  7. Jennifer Nelson
  8. Vlado Matisic
  9. Carola & Marko
  10. Tess Repenning

My Fundraiser

Dear friends,

Remember Cupcake Day? It's now the new and improved Treat Week! This important fundraiser to help, neglected, abused or homeless animals through the province has now been extended to an entire week. And instead of cupcakes, we are now giving away treats in exchange for a donation. What's a treat? Whatever you want it to be!

I hope you'll support me (or sign up yourself!) to work to save more lives this year than ever by raising much-needed funds for the BCSPCA. Be a sweetie and please donate generously to the rescued animals who are counting on you to make a difference. 

Woof woof (and thank you!!!)