Treat Week Fundraiser

Held by Denise Bueckert
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Dear friends,

Join me in supporting a cause close to my heart helping neglected, abused or homeless animals through the East Kootenay Branch of the SPCA. Many of you know that my cats are my fur-babies, and Festus started with humble roots at our SPCA. I am grateful they were able to help his mom and siblings survive and find loving homes, and were able to give me the best boy ever! Together we can save more lives this year than ever by raising much-needed funds through my Treat Week fundraiser. Be a sweetie and please donate generously to the rescued animals who are counting on you to make a difference. If you are thinking of adopting a pet of your own, rescues are the best way to go!! 

Woof meow (and thank you!!!)


Denise, Rori & Festus