Welcome to My Treat Week Fundraiser

Held by Laura Lee
$390 Raised

Fundraiser Donors

  1. Wild and United Athletics
  2. VIHA Laboratory Staff
  3. Darren Lee
  4. Nabila Assen
  5. Heather mcleod
  6. Laura Lee
  7. Shawna Casement
  8. Gina R
  9. Lara Anderson

My Fundraiser

Dear friends,

Join me in supporting a cause close to my heart helping neglected, abused or homeless animals through the BC SPCA. Together we can save more lives this year than ever by raising much-needed funds through my Treat Week fundraiser. Be a sweetie and please donate generously to the rescued animals who are counting on you to make a difference. 

Woof woof (and thank you!!!)