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$2500 Raised


$2500 Raised
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Fundraiser Donors

  1. Ms. Susan 'Sue' Martinig
  2. Ms. Jane 'Ms. Jane E. Davis' Em Davis
  3. Penelope Valliere
  4. Sugden, McFee & Roos LLP
  5. Jean Whittow
  6. Ann and Doug Catton
  7. Sue and Collin Petrie
  8. Ashley
  9. Percival Burt
  10. Mr. Graham Stuart
  11. Mrs. Lina C Rheumer
  12. Anonymous
  13. Ms. Luisa Martinig
  14. Amanda Poissant
  15. Trudy Hennen

My Fundraiser

Dear friends,

Join us in supporting a cause close to our hearts by helping neglected, abused or homeless animals through the BC SPCA. Together we can save more lives this year than ever by raising much-needed funds through our Treat Week fundraiser. Be a sweetie and please donate generously to the rescued animals who are counting on you to make a difference. We have selected to patronize specifically the shelters in B.C. with the most need.

Woof woof (and thank you!!!)