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Held by Abby Tumak
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7th Ave Sweeties
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Fundraiser Donors

  1. Lorie Chortyk
  2. Christa Carr
  3. Sheri, Stéphane and Seb
  4. Anonymous Anonymous
  5. Mr. John Andrew
  7. Anonymous
  8. Patty Galvins
  9. Nancy Lynds
  10. Amanda, Dani and Moose
  11. Pancakes
  12. Jane Chan
  13. Bane & Timmy

My Fundraiser

Dear friends,

Join me in supporting a cause close to my heart helping neglected, abused or homeless animals through the BC SPCA. Spud was a stray cat that I rescued from a hard life on the streets about 5 years ago. His little buddy, Greyjoy, was adopted from the BC SPCA last year. These sweet boys now lead a pampered life but there are so many more animals that still need your help! 

Together we can save more lives this year than ever by raising much-needed funds through my Treat Week fundraiser. Please donate generously to the rescued animals who are counting on you to make a difference. 

Thanks for donating! High paws from Spud & Greyjoy ♥♥