To get your workplace involved follow these simple steps:

  • Register your team at Put your company name in the Team Name so we know you’re a workplace team and should be included in the draw!
  • Fundraise online, in the office, anywhere! And submit $500 or more in donations by March 15, 2020.
  • That’s it! We’ll be picking one lucky workplace for a very special visit!


To qualify, a workplace team must raise a minimum of $500 submitted to the BC SPCA provincial office or online at to your team’s page or at your local BC SPCA branch by March 15, 2020. Due to travel considerations, eligible teams must be located within British Columbia and have a BC SPCA branch located in their community.  Winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying workplace teams. To ensure your workplace team is included in the draw, please choose a Team Name that includes your business’ name when registering, or email to let us know your team is related to a business or workplace. Puppy parties will only be held at workplaces deemed suitable for animals and not at private residences.  Puppy party will be scheduled between April and December 2020 at a mutually convenient time based upon a combination of winner’s preferences and availability of BC SPCA staff and animals. Age and number of dogs may vary based on availability of animals with appropriate temperament. Dogs may not be available for adoption at the time of the party and attendance at the party does not imply any advantage or preference in the adoption process for those animals available. BC SPCA staff will contact the winning workplace by April 15, 2020 to discuss timing, available space, preferences and restrictions of the workplace and other details. BC SPCA staff may need to visit facility prior to bringing animals on site. If for any reason the selected workplace is deemed unsuitable for animals being on site, the BC SPCA reserves the right to move the location of the puppy party to a BC SPCA facility. For the well being of the animals involved, large groups will need to work with BC SPCA staff to develop a plan to ensure appropriate number of employees around the animals at all times. The puppy party is intended as a prize to the employees of the winning workplace only, and is not intended to include the general public or to be advertised to customers. The BC SPCA reserves the right to remove any or all animal in its care from the premises at any point for any reason related to the welfare of the animals involved.